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Make Your Special Event Unforgettable.

With our expertly crafted dishes and unmatched service, we turn every event into a complete experience. Let us make your event the one people talk about for years to come.

Event Catering to Perfection.

At any big event, the impact of culinary choice cannot be overstated; a disappointing meal can overshadow the most well planned and beautifully decorated occasion. Ensure every aspect of your event shines, especially on the plate, and don't let subpar food tarnish your special moments.

At Events By Peter, we’re committed to:

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The Highest Quality Food

Impeccable Service

Being A Reason Your Event Is Memorable

Delivering The Right Menu For You

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Our Events



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Beach Parties

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Fundraisers & Galas

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Backyard Events

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Your Day, Your Way

Peter and his team hold a special passion for weddings, embracing the pressure, honor, and exhilaration that accompany such a pivotal day in a couple's or family's life. Our strength lies in attentive listening from the first point of contact, keen to understand and fulfill every whim and desire to make your day uniquely yours. We thrive on personalizing your big day, whether it's through menus inspired by family heritage, a special first meal, or favorite culinary delights.
Each wedding we cater is an opportunity for us to create lasting memories and moments that will be cherished and talked about for years to come. Being a significant part of your most important day is an honor we cherish deeply, and we eagerly look forward to every chance to make each wedding an unforgettable experience.

Beach Parties

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Sun, Sand, and Savory Selections.

With over 30 years of experience, Peter Ambrose and his team have become the leading experts in beach event planning, catering to a diverse range of occasions. From laid-back, barefoot gatherings with blankets and s'mores to extravagant weddings complete with tents, bistro lighting, and live music, we've done it all.

Whether you're envisioning a simple, serene night against the backdrop of the world's most beautiful beaches or a lavish, five-star experience under the stars, Events By Peter Ambrose is your go-to team for an unforgettable beach event.

Fundraisers & Galas

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Catering For A Cause

From May to September, the East End of Long Island becomes a hub for numerous gala events and fundraisers, supporting causes like cancer research, diabetes, and local arts, among others. Peter Ambrose, having both organized and hosted significant events like Katy’s Courage and Childhood Cancer fundraisers, deeply understands the pressures and responsibilities that come with these occasions. Having collaborated with organizations such as the Waxman Foundation, Milken Foundation, St. Jude's, and Southampton Hospital, our team at Events by Peter Ambrose is adept at more than just providing excellent food and service.
We are committed to going above and beyond, offering comprehensive support and guidance to ensure these important events successfully meet their fundraising goals. If you're planning a fundraiser or gala in the Hamptons, let Events by Peter Ambrose be your partner in making a meaningful difference.

Backyard Events

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Crafting Memorable Events At Your Own Home

Summers in the Hamptons, known as New York's playground, are synonymous with vibrant entertainment and an exciting party scene. Year after year, Events by Peter Ambrose is at the heart of the most buzzworthy events, from intimate family birthdays to grand celebrations for hundreds, just to revel in the summer spirit. Our services are characterized by fresh, locally sourced ingredients and menus that strike a perfect balance between elegance and accessibility, always injected with creativity.
From setting up the ambiance with bistro lights and beachy floral arrangements to providing the summer's trendiest drinks at specialty bars, we have it all covered. Moreover, our extensive portfolio and strong relationships with the best in the business ensure that your entertainment and music needs are flawlessly met.

Picture-Perfect Events:

A Peek Into Our Moments

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