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Meet Chef Peter Ambrose


Meet the man behind “Events By Peter” and his journey to becoming a renowned chef throughout the Hamptons.

How It All Started.

Since the mid-1980s, Peter Ambrose has been a dynamic figure in the service and catering industry of Eastern Long Island. His journey began at the renowned Seafood Shop in Wainscott, where he spearheaded weekend "Clambakes" alongside his father for notable figures like Sydney Lumet and George Plimpton.
Despite attending the University of Cortland with an initial plan to enter the finance sector, Peter found that the constraints of alarm clocks, suits, and corporate hierarchy paled in comparison to the excitement, freedom, and creative satisfaction offered by the event and catering industry. This realization led him to embrace his true calling in the culinary world.

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Peter In The Hamptons.

Since 1993, Peter Ambrose has established a distinctive presence in the Hamptons and beyond, a notable feat in an industry where longevity is challenging, especially in a region characterized by an intense but brief summer season. His enduring success can be attributed to his commitment to creating and serving food that's not only delectable but also embodies his philosophy of 'Simple yet Elegant Dining.' Peter's love and passion for his craft shine through in his attentive client interactions, understanding that his role is to serve their vision. He relishes the challenge of crafting and executing parties, events, and galas that are each a unique and memorable experience, tailored specifically to the needs and desires of each client.

Peter's Clients.

Chef Peter's clientele spans a remarkable range, from local charities and fire departments to influential figures in industries like finance, entertainment, music, technology, and sports. His philosophy is simple yet powerful: the next event is always the most important. This mindset is a cornerstone of his success and is deeply ingrained in the ethos of his team at Events by Peter Ambrose. Far from resting on their laurels, Peter and his team are constantly innovating, staying abreast of the latest trends, and striving to improve year after year, setting ever-higher standards for themselves and the events they cater.

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Crafting Memories, One At A Time

When planning for that next important family occasion, wedding, beach party, gala, or fundraiser, consider Events by Peter Ambrose as your partner for success. Peter and his team understand that from the initial day that you plan your event through the moment the last toast takes place its to be a process you should and will enjoy the entire way. We listen, we advise, we use our experience and history of dealing with every issue and bump you might encounter to making the entire process one you will look back as a great and memorable experience.

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